Top 5 Best Metaverse Games

A newly launched Metaverse technology is getting popular among people worldwide, and hundreds of companies are rigorously testing the potential of Metaverse technology. Following the trend, many companies have introduced new games through Metaverse, and a few companies, like Zepverse, are working to develop gaming services on their Metaverse platforms.

According to the report of Global Market Estimates, the global Metaverse gaming industry is to surge with a compound annual growth rate of 38.2% to reach a market valuation of US $710.21 billion from the current market valuation of US $36.81 billion. The Metaverse gaming industry is still in its infancy, and it has already changed the gaming experience of many people with its immersive and realistic services.

Hundreds of games are already involved in the Metaverse gaming industry. The few best Metaverse games in terms of popularity are as follows-

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity is one of the most popular play-to-earn Metaverse games. On concept of Pokemon, It is an NFT-based game. The Axie infinity contains many creatures known as Axie in the game. These creatures are used in the game to combat rivals, save and build treasury, and sometimes for the loot of other treasuries.

Axie Infinity not only entertains people with gaming features but also allows people to make money in the game. For winning every game, Axie infinity gives a few collectables in a reward form to players for winning a battle against rivals. These collectables are saleable to other players. A user can make money in this Metaverse game by selling these collectables to other players.


Fortnite is one of the most popular and best Metaverse games. Fortnite as a Metaverse game launched in 2017, and since then, this Metaverse game has upgraded its features dramatically. Initially, Fortnite was a regular shooting and defensive tower game. But over the period, this game has upgraded its features, and its battle royale chapter 4 is winning the hearts of millions of gamers globally.

Fortnite is a Metaverse game that works similarly to PUBG or BGMI. With a high graphic resolution, this Metaverse game becomes more realistic and immersive. Fortnite has revolutionised the gaming industry and elevated the gaming experience with different unique and unrealistic features of the Metaverse.


Metaverse as a representation was coined by Neal Stephenson in 1994. But, this word gained popularity and grabbed public attention when big tech companies, especially Facebook, launched its Metaverse. Horizon is a Metaverse game launched by Meta (Facebook). In this game, a user can create their world and interact with people around the globe. Simultaneously, this Metaverse game allows users to play and solve the puzzles available in the virtual world of Horizon.


Roblox is the Metaverse game comprising over half a million games under different categories on its platform, from horror games series to combat action games. Roblox is the Sandbox Metaverse game playable with and without VR Headsets, accessible using a smartphone, laptop, and computer. Roblox allows users to build their virtual spaces in the virtual world of the Metaverse game.

This Metaverse game offers similar services to Zepverse. In this Metaverse game, the users can live their secondary lives and could explore all their personalities and versions. This Metaverse game has elevated the user gaming experience and made everything possible in the virtual world.


Minecraft is one of the finest and most played Metaverse games. Minecraft is one of those Metaverse games that’s playable with and without VR headsets and gear. Users in this Metaverse game can explore Minecraft’s unknown and unexplored places. The users can create their places in the infinite 3D space of Minecraft.


In this Metaverse game, a user can build his virtual empire and generate more treasury to expand the empire further through minting. Users can even destroy the houses of other opponents and can loot their treasures.

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