Zep-Pet, the ultimate virtual pet metaverse of ZepVerse. Zepians! Start creating and petting any extinct or unique pet. Groom them virtually.

Create Your Unique Virtual Pet

Zep-Pet is a virtual reality zone in the ZepVerse dedicated to pet lovers. The Zep-Pet allows you to create unique, extinct and existing virtual pets and have a relationship with them. You can create any species, for instance, dinosaurs, dragons and unicorns, or create unique pets the way you want by using your artistic skills.

Name the species you created and decide their appearances, such as colour, height or intelligence. This is the best virtual reality experience for pet lovers. As this allows users to interact with the species they created.

Create Unique Virtual Pets

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Zep-Pet allows users to create pets they always desired. In the virtual reality world of ZepVerse, Zepians who are pet lovers can create their virtual pets by experimenting with their imagination.

It will give you the opportunity to customize the intelligence and physique of your pet with a variety of features available in ZepVerse. You can choose several different animals, including dogs, cats, pandas and even dinosaurs. You can also create a new virtual pet that has never seen before. It’s one of the best virtual reality experiences for pet lovers out there!

Interact with your Virtual pet

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Zepians nurture their virtual pets by feeding, playing and other activities. As pet lovers upgrade their pet skills by training them, their pets will be rewarded with some new toys or costumes. Zep-Pet allows you to participate with your pets in contests and enjoy a lot of activities.

One of the best features of Zep-Pet is your pet will be able to talk with you. You can also teach them a new vocabulary to enhance their communication skills. With the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), pets will be able to remember those words forever and use them frequently. The virtual pet may be capable of learning to do a variety of tasks that can help you in many ways.

Collect Rewards for a virtual pet

In the Zep-Pet Zone, there are many types of rewards for virtual pets. You can get rewards by upgrading the intelligence level of your pet by completing the given tasks. As a reward, you are allowed to unlock different animations and outfits for your pet. The higher level of intelligence your pet has, the more tasks and options your pet will have and so the rewards. You can also unlock new locations and purchase items for your pet. Purchasing items will also help you to upgrade the intelligence level of your pet.

Shop & Twin with Virtual Pet

In this virtual reality world, you can show your love to your pets. There are plenty of beautiful pet accessories like clothes, leashes, toys and various other items. You can purchase these items and make your pet look smarter than other pets. Moreover, personalize your Virtual Pet costumes the way you want. You can also add some accessories like a pair of glasses, cap or hat to the costume. And have a different experience by twinning with your pets to make both of you look alike and great.