Immersive Extended Reality Entertainment in Zepverse

Zep-Tainment offers extended virtual amusements with earning opportunities. Participate in movies, live concerts & events, and more.

Zep-Tainment is one of the most phenomenal features of Zepverse that has refashioned virtual reality entertainment. For Zepians entertainment is all about freedom of choice. The users can immerse themselves in fascinating 3D virtual reality movies and live concerts, create their content, do parties and much more.

3D Immersive movies in the ZEPVERSE

ZVR is a metaverse 3D virtual theatre for movies to “Intensify your VR Experience” with the help of extended reality. ZVR is unique in a way that Zepians can watch films, with the avatar of their favourite celebrity from their comfort zone.

In ZVR, the Zepians can watch any movie anytime with anyone using extended reality; a celebrity, a long-distance friend or their dream pet. For a complete movie feel, the users can also order popcorn, drinks other snacks from Zepverse virtual shopping.
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3D Live Concerts and Match

Apart from ZVR, the Zepians can watch 3D Live concerts happening anywhere in the world. The realistic sensation of Live concerts is offered with the help of virtual reality and AI human bots. The introverts can also opt to watch Live concerts alone, in a peaceful environment.

You can even watch cricket, wrestling, hockey or any national/international sport virtually in the Zepverse’s Zep-Tainment Zone. Zep-Tainments also allow content creators to create new forms of entertainment and make money out of it.

The Zepains can organise their metaverse entertainment such as:
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Zep-Tainment also has extended reality surprises for science lovers such as virtual constellation shows, science experiment shows and other tech events.

The Zepians can get involved in a variety of entertainment from their home or any of their comfort places without any travel and booking hassles.

Virtual Thrill

The Zepians can also enjoy an immersive experience of the thrill and adventure of adventure sports and water sports virtually in amusement parks and Disneyland from their couches. The realistic trill in 3-dimension is offered with the help of virtual reality applications and artificial intelligence.

Zep-Tainment can also be used for: