Introduction to Zepcoin

a utility cryptocurrency

Zepcoin is a penny cryptocurrency based on a fully decentralised, open-source framework, complemented with advanced technologies. It is founded on a faster and scalable Binance Smart Chain (BEP 20), that ensures robust security. It is a deflationary coin with 325 Billion total coins in circulation, with a global supply, that ensures potential growth in the nearest future.

The superhit

Zepcoin ICO Phase I

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a type of fundraising where a company, startup, or individual raises capital without going through traditional channels such as banks or venture capitalists.

Zepcoin is an emerging cryptocurrency listed with the code name ZEPX. Its ICO phase 1 started on 6th Oct 2022 and closed with a blockbuster success on 20 November 2022. 10% of the total available coins i.e, 32.5 Billion coins worth 3.25 Million USD was released in ICO Phase 1, each coin priced at just 0.0001 USD. Out of the total released coins, 70% of coins were sold, making it a widely growing community of investors.

Zepcoin Phase 1 was a treat for investors, as 10,000 ZEPX were available for just $1.

But worry not, you might have missed the treat but not the deal!

The zepcoin community offered a second chance to investors by launching ICO Phase 2 on 22nd November 2022. As the experts predicted, it showed 5 times growth in just a few days, making its price $0.0005 in the ICO Phase 2.

Zepcoin’s ICO Phase II

Benefits and Add ons

Zepcoin is all set to close its ICO Phase 2 soon with a big community base and strong technical framework. The release token count of ICO phase 2 is 26 Billion coins, worth $13 Million. Each coin is available at a pocket-friendly price of just 0.0005 USD, which means you can buy 2000 ZEPX for just $1.

Moreover, its strong base, rapidly growing community, high liquidity in the virtual market, and potential growth in the last few days, indicate a hefty ROI in a short time.

Investing in this pocket-friendly cryptocurrency has more to offer than what it looks like.

Zepcoin investment can open a range of opportunities under a Metaverse project named Zepverse. Zepcoin is a native currency of Zepverse and an essential requirement for accessing any feature of Zepverse. It provides a real-life use case for this virtual digital asset (VDA). Being a futuristic, Web 3-based project, Zepverse offers a virtual reality world of opportunity in every facet of life, be it earning to entertainment or Pet owing to dating.

One can enjoy a 3D immersive movie in ZVR with anyone around the world or shop in virtual reality with a 360-degree view, real feel of the material, unlimited trials and real home delivery service.

With all these new and exceptional features, the Zepcoin holders, like any other ICO, will get voting rights and other benefits from the coin.

Additionally, with this affordable investment, you can also get free Zepcoin by registering for Airdrop as 12.5 Billion Zepcoins are available for giveaway. Furthermore, the investors can generate a passive income of 5% on every referral. This means you earn 5% unlimited times, whenever you refer Zepcoin to your friends or family.

How to Participate in an ICO?

Participating in ICO may seem like a task, but this is no heck in reality. Zepcoin is available on various exchanges such as CoinDiscovery, GemFinder and other well-known platforms. Recently, it got listed on the popular exchange named, PancakeSwap. This easy availability makes it a highly liquid investment.

Participate in ZEPX Phase 2 in a few easy steps:-


Zepcoin’s Initial Coin offering is not just a usual ICO but an exceptional opportunity to own the future of the web, the Zepverse. Zepverse is a metaverse company based on advanced technologies.

This means you are investing in advanced technologies and a Metaverse project by making a little investment in a cryptocurrency.

The Zepcoin, a utility coin is available at a pocket-friendly price in ICO phase 2, and the experts have predicted a mooing in its worth in the nearest future.

If you have not yet got your Zepcoins, you are missing out on a big deal as the Zepcoin ICO Phase 2 is closing on 11th December 2022. The last few days are left in wrapping-up up ZEPX ICO phase 2. As the best time to invest in any potential investment is at its launching time, this is a one-time opportunity for the investors to open up the unlimited opportunity in Zepverse and get unexpectedly high ROI.

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