Zepverse, endless features and infinite experience through virtual reality.

Metaverse is created with cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and many more.

Hey, have you heard about Zepverse?

Zepverse is JNC Tech Labs Pvt. Ltd. Company’s new and huge crypto project.  Zepverse is newly launched in June 2022 and is having whole new business perspective where investors and buyers can access a bundle of new features and activities with realistic future views with creativity. Zepverse is not merely a new entity for VR or AR, but a collection of a set of emergent technologies like 5G, AI, VR, AR, digital twins, blockchain, holography, or IoT (Internet of Things). It is a virtual world that allows you to interact with others just like you do in our physical world without the need to ever go out of your house. 

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Features & Experience through virtual reality:

Incorporation of avatars/Entertainment:

Creating digital avatars of oneself as a way to express one’s emotions and feelings uniquely is one of the core concepts of the Zepverse. Each person has their own digital identity, which can be static or animated and is distinctive to them. Digital avatars are a unique way to express oneself since, in addition to being precise reproductions of your actual form, they may also be recreations of favourite celebrities or something completely original.

The use of virtual land/ Real estate:

The demand for virtual land on the Metaverse is soaring. On the Zepverse, land can be purchased by anybody for cryptocurrencies. The land is a non-fungible token (NFT), a blockchain asset class that one cannot trade for other things. Size refers to the fundamental number of pixels in a plot of Zepverse real estate. Digital storefronts, virtual gaming, or even entertainment can be interacted with on virtual land. Its size and location will determine the use cases for the land. For instance, plots near a VR street may be worthwhile because of the potential for display advertisements.

Virtual Shopping:

Virtual shopping experiences in the Zepverse with the integration of AI technologies can track a customer’s activity, purchase history, taste and demographic profile and use this data to provide new and more personalized clothes recommendations and encourage purchases. Shopping beyond space and time will enable complete accessibility, allowing shoppers to wander through virtual stores, try on clothes online through a 3D fitting room and even get a 360-degree view of what outfits look like.

A focus on social interactions/ Adult Zone:

Humans communicate and interact in the Zepverse through avatars and visual representations of a user. Users can engage and converse with other users. The setting for these exchanges is cyberspace, which serves as a representation of the real world. But there are differences between the economic and physical limitations of actual locations. One can imagine our physical experiences in the real world merging into one virtual environment. People shall be able to navigate the limitless world with the aid of this holistic experience that will combine all of these disparate encounters.

Supporting Gaming/ Zep Play:

Metaverse gaming is about the concept of playing games in the Metaverse. Out of 100%, 13% retail market uses metaverse with US $6.071 Billion annual revenue in 2021. A Zepverse is a vast online community where you may play games and meet new people. Gaming has always been a prime candidate for virtual reality. It is a 3D virtual reality world that you can view in 360 degrees and almost “touch” through a realistic sense of perception.

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