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The Zepverse is the pioneer of the whole new universe, where you can have countless features and activities curated with futuristic perspective and creativity.




Zepverse is an exotic virtual world for Zepians (the inhabitant of Zepverse). The Zepverse is the pioneer of the whole new universe, where you can have countless features and activities curated with futuristic perspective and creativity. The magnificent scope ranges from entertainment to earning. Gaming to watching movies with your favourite celebrity, creating & petting creatures of imagination like a T-Rex or a Unicorn, making/trading NFTs of anyone/anything, operating decentralised banking, shopping, estate buying and building, and everything fantastic makes it a class apart.

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Zep Coin holders can enjoy this fantastic Zepverse by using their Zep Coins. Zepians can create their alternative virtual world based on their choices and preferences because Zepverse is all about options beyond your imagination. The Zepverse is bridging the gap between the virtual and real world by providing realistic use of the Zep Coins. Zepians can use their Zep Coins for daily real-world shopping and shopping on luxury brands.

A Key for your Advance Universe


Zep coin is an official currency of Zepverse, the magnificent and futuristic world. You can enjoy everything from gaming to watching movies with your favourite celebrity, creating & petting an unimaginable creature like a T-Rex or a Unicorn, creating/buying/selling NFTs of yourself, your loved ones or even your house pet, owning an estate, using decentralised banking, and many more. Zep Coin is an open-source cryptocurrency built by the legends of blockchain, using the BEP 20 mechanism. Just like the evolving technology ZEP Coin will give you an access to : 



Zepverse can’t skip on entertainment. The Zepverse has a whole purview of entertainment, including a movie theatre, gym, funland, live concerts and many more.

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Adding to its wide range of features, it collaborates with multiple top-notch luxury brands and entitles a virtual premium shopping experience. This feature enables all the Zep Coin holders to use their coins in the real world by shopping on luxury brands with Zep Coins.



Zepian pet lovers can adopt pets and pamper their pet with different things and activities. Zepian pet lovers are upgraded versions of pet lovers who can create their own pet by experimenting with their imagination.

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Zep Coin is a fully decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency built by legends of blockchain and faster than the fastest BEP 20 mechanism, with an influential community. Zep coin is the official currency of Zepverse, the magnificent and futuristic verse where you can get involved in everything from gaming to NFTs.



Gaming is nothing different, but the gaming experience is an all-new perspective in the Zepverse. Zepians can now play several games such as NBA, Soccer, Baseball, Cricket, Tennis, Boxing, Chess, UFC, Casino, Kabadi, and so on. Do you want it? You have it on Zepverse with an entirely exotic experience.

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Adding a complete new perspective to the virtual world, Zepverse is the pioneer of a virtual adult zone where Zepians can freely exercise their adult fantasy drives; dating, dancing, changing Avatars are to name a few.



Zepverse not only allows you to use your Zep Coin. It also lets you stake coins to earn interest on it. Along with that, it provides peer-to-peer transactions. The Zep Coin gets its everyday usage here, as you can use it to do daily shopping and encash it. It also provides you with an e-commerce gateway.


Why be a Zepian?

Advanced Me in Advanced Universe

Being a Zepian is not just limited to a few of the normal benefits, but it’s all about magnificent, futuristic aspects one can experience only in Zepverse. The new-fangled activities such as newer kinds of NFTs with different artforms, virtual pro-gaming experiences, ultimate entertainment options, and the Zep Adult world where you can plan a romantic date, or dance and do as many things as you can imagine. Never leaving the pet lovers behind, the Zepian pet lovers can experience pet care differently, where they can adopt, create and pamper their pets.

A Key For Your Universe

The Zep Coin is the official currency of Zepverse, a wholesome virtual world. You can use your Zep Coin to do everything in Zepverse. From gaming, future NFTs, Zep securities & interest, decentralised payment gateway, virtual premium shopping, entertainment, Zep estate, Zep adult world, and Zep pet. We are non-limiters. We keep on evolving and adding newer, splendid features.




Meet Our Team

Ayush Choudhary

Ayush Choudhary

CMD & Founder
Dinesh Pandey

Dinesh Pandey

Chief Marketing Officer
Munendra Jadon

Munendra Jadon

Chief Financial Officer
Divesh Gola

Divesh Gola

Head - Marketing & Operations
Neeraj  Punia

Neeraj Punia

Web Strategy Expert
Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

Digital Marketing Strategist

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